Welcome to Nature’s Best Organics, Tennessee’s premier green business!

Recycle: We divert unwanted organic yard and garden material from wasting in a landfill…

…to a useful and thoughtful new life rejuvenating your garden for healthy plants and trees.

All organic, and better for the environment. Come see us today!

    Green Business Achiever

    Knoxville: Recycle Your Brush!

    Nature’s Best Organics is proud to be a leader in the Knoxville metropolitan area as a GREEN BUSINESS.

    Local home owners and businesses can bring their brush, lawn clippings, yard waste, leaves, trees, logs and stumps and other non-treated wood waste to either our West Knoxville location (Solway) or our East Knoxville location at Rutledge Pike. We also accept pallet material.

    All material that you bring us is taken out of the landfill waste stream and is recycled into a wide variety of premium mulches, soils, and compost. Our industry leading aging process produces mulch, compost, and soil conditioners that are free of weeds and have a rich brown color.

    Drop Off Fees

    We charge a small fee to receive your material (To help cover some of the cost to recycle the material). Our fee schedule for dropping your material at either of our convenient locations is:

    Drop Off Rate
    $25.00 per Ton ($5.00 minimum)

    Pallets and Unpainted and Untreated Lumber
    $20.00 per Ton ($5.00 minimum)

    Materials not accepted
    • Household Garbage
    • Painted Wood
    • Treated Wood
    • Railroad Ties
    • Landscape Timbers
    • Plastic (bags of debris must be emptied)
    Thank you for being a “recycling partner”!

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