Welcome to Nature’s Best Organics, Tennessee’s premier green business!

Recycle: We divert unwanted organic yard and garden material from wasting in a landfill…

…to a useful and thoughtful new life rejuvenating your garden for healthy plants and trees.

All organic, and better for the environment. Come see us today!

    Mulch: 100% Recycledclick on the products for more info.

    Black Magic Mulch

    Black Magic

    Cherry Brown Mulch

    Cherry Brown

    Rustic Red Mulch

    Rustic Red

    Nature's Best Bark Mulch

    Nature’s Best Bark

    Second Harvest Mulch

    Premium Double Grind

    Magic Mix Mulch

    Magic Mix

    Nature's Best Compost

    Nature’s Best Compost

    Play Magic Playground Mulch

    Play Magic



    River Rocks

    Pea Gravel River Rocks

    Pea Gravel

    1 - 3 inch River Rocks

    1 – 3 in

    3 - 5 inch River Rocks

    2 – 5 in

    6 to 14 in

    6 – 14 in




    Railroad Ties


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