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Recycle: We divert unwanted organic yard and garden material from wasting in a landfill…

…to a useful and thoughtful new life rejuvenating your garden for healthy plants and trees.

All organic, and better for the environment. Come see us today!

    FAQ About Mulch, Compost & More

    Nature’s Best Organics products are 100% organic and 100% recycled – Why is this important?
    • Nature’s Best turns Knoxville green waste into a useful product.
    • It costs consumers less to bring material to NBO than local landfills.
    • In 2013 we recycled: 10,000 tons of Green Waste and 3,500 tons of white wood/pallets.
    Why use Nature’s Best mulch?
    • Our mulch will beautify your property adding curb appeal.
    • Mulch insulates the soil and protects it from our hot summer sun and winter freezes.
    • Mulched areas conserve water through moisture retention.
    • Mulching prevents erosion, and suppresses weed growth.
    • It’s nature’s way of replenishing the soil feeding plants and trees.
    What are the benefits of using Nature’s Best compost and soil mixes?
    • Flowers and shrubs grow best with the addition of organic material.
    • Improves soil structure – aeration, temperature, moisture conditions.
    • Promotes root growth.
    • Provides essential nutrients.
    • Reduces soil erosion and runoff.
    What to use when?
    • Magic Mix: Raised Beds, Vegetable Gardens, Lawn Renovation
    • Compost: Planters, Pots, Vegetable gardens, Landscape beds, Erosion control, Topdressing
    What Makes Playground Mulch Different from Other Mulch?
    • Playground mulch provides a cushioning surface that protects from injuries due to falls, while still maintaining a continuous surface for handicapped accessibility.
    • Nature’s Best Organics’ playground mulch is certified by IPEMA. Please check out IPEMA.com to confirm our certification.
    Where do I find Nature’s Best?
    Does Nature’s Best deliver?

    At all locations we welcome ALL CUSTOMERS whether you are a nursery, landscaper, or you just love to work out in the yard! We can deliver directly to you or you are free to come visit us at our Joe Daniels, Middlebrook Pike, or Rutledge Pike locations.

    Contact Nature’s Best Organics with questions or place an order now!